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Protect every click, connection and download with the world’s most advanced PC security from Kaspersky Lab!

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
  • Almost 3 billion vulnerable applications are installed on PCs in the U.S. *
  • 80% of all "drive-by download" attacks occur on legitimate sites (,,, and others.)**
  • Attacks on social networks are 10 times more successful than email attacks.**
  • Facebook, MySpace, Twitter are the new ground zero.
Protect your PC against these threats! Get the most advanced Internet security software with premium protection from viruses, spyware hackers and spam. You also get comprehensive identity theft and phishing protection, parental and privacy controls, and superfast performance.

Kaspersky is Windows 7 Ready!

Kaspersky’s advanced security products are Windows 7 ready. Enjoy all of the new features of Windows 7 with premium protection from Kaspersky.

  • Seamless integration with Windows 7
    All our products come with ‘Compatible with Windows 7’ certification. That’s your guarantee of complete, proven integration with the new Windows 7 platform.

  • Superior levels of protection
    By upgrading your existing Kaspersky Lab product, you will continue receiving the most advanced PC security available.

  • Unrivaled performance on Windows 7
    You’ll be experiencing the best-ever performance levels with the new Windows 7 compatible Kaspersky products. Innovative technology will keep your applications running fast with no interruptions.

  • Support for new features in Windows 7
    We’ve got built-in support for all of the new features and capabilities of Windows 7.

  • Technical support for users of KIS 2013 & KAV 2013 installed on Windows 7
    Kaspersky Lab will be there for you too with dedicated support for Windows 7 users of KIS 2013 & KAV 2013. We never forget that our success is driven by you.

*Secunia   **Kaspersky Lab Research

  • Better protection
  • Better performance
  • No interruptions
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*Offer valid on new purchases of Kaspersky Internet Security (1-3 PCs/1 Year or 5 Devices/1 Year).
Kaspersky Open Space Security

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What could be better than the computing experience, features, stability, and performance of Microsoft Windows 7? Experiencing Windows 7 with the peace of mind that comes with protection from Kaspersky Lab!

Kaspersky Lab offers a world-class IT security solution that gives your business a new level of protection from malware and other threats. Keep critical business data intact and increase productivity with less time and effort.

Kaspersky Open Space Security Release 2 gives you the protection and performance your network needs and the management and deployment capabilities you’ve been waiting for.

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